Welcome to me

A day in the life of Grace-eeeeeeee!



The reason I always wanted to start writing was simple.
There is an alphabet, and it contains 26 letters.
Yet, there are thousands and thousands of words that are derived from the 26 letters.
These words then help us to navigate, summarise and express the thoughts that we feel, think and can’t escape.
Why would you not want to be able to write how you feel when you stop and realise how restricted the alphabet is, in comparison to how wild and brave your own words are.

I have always envisioned that by the time I’m in my 50’s I’ll be at some ostentatious event somewhere in the world circling around positive, like-minded people who are discussing how they have lived their lives.
I have always wanted to be the person in this room that fills it with happiness and becomes the evening’s entertainment through storytelling of all the things I did for my life.
Whether this is a pending issue from the effects of my psychological desire and desperation to please people… I’m not too sure, I haven’t delved that far into my own brains neurological patterns to differentiate the opposing arguments on what it could really mean, but, for now I feel the main purpose of this vision is to remind myself that by the time I am 50 I want to look back over my life and think… yes, I did a lot and I am proud of how I have lived and I never settled for anything I wasn’t 100% happy with.

I have my life set out ready to live everyday by a list of treasured to do’s, that over the years from the age of 16 has rapidly progressed to more and more detailed quests and goals set to achieve.
With this blog my main aim was to write about the descriptions of me and everyday life through the build-up to completing these tasks I have set for myself.
Whether it’s traveling through the Nepalese mountains to complete the Annapurna trek, 4×4 off-roading through the dusky, heat provoked sand dune deserts of Oman, or simply taking time from my day to bake an apple crumble, just because I want to achieve them all and have the list ticked off.

I set out focusing my written work on traveling purposes as I wanted to create an uplifting, entertaining read about my adventurous hearts accomplishments and the views I have seen described through only how my eyes have witnessed them.
That’s the thing about life…you can have it all planned out and then someone yells “plot twist!!” and you’re made to change it all around.

This was until my relationship with my boyfriend of almost 4 years was suddenly shattered and so was the life I thought I was expected to lead.
But as the saying goes “difficult paths often lead to beautiful destinations”.

Through my Series articles you will find some of them were written on a truly awful day, so can often be quite a heavy and emotional read, whereas others have hints of humour or sarcasm and some more flirty with a light-hearted touch. Regardless of how they are perceived by yourself I wanted them to come directly from the heart and consist of being the unconcealed, raw extremities I went through, hiding none of the guilt, trauma or anxiety I felt when I hit rock bottom.
I created “The Series” as I felt people who cause hurt within a relationship usually do not feel entitled to own their feelings and often hide away from voicing them. But, everyone makes mistakes, So, I really hope you enjoy reading the ups and downs of the spiralling 3 months I had post break-up before venturing into the new year of 2018 for setting my mind to travel and my favoured life list.

However big or sometimes small things are it’s still an accomplishment in my world and I still have the aim to get it ticked off.
It has been my best friend through my release into the world as a newly single lady, allowing me to feel my life has more of a purpose and that I hold a value of direction to where I belong.


I hope you enjoy my story.