A millennial girl living in a millennial world.

It’s 2018, a fresh new year and a fresh new start for everyone.

the time is always right

If you’re around my age (24) our stereotyped shoes that we are yet to fill 100% suck. There are only a few sampled labels we are stipulated to fit into, in order for society to neatly be able to categorise the person we are with its reinforcement of questioning and judgement we receive in the firing line.

Social media is at its biggest boom and it’s causing anxiety for everyone, you can edit, suck in, push out, cut, crop and shape exactly how you want your life to be perceived, in order to make others envy what you are doing or who you are becoming, creating the perfect illusion that you are so set on the right golden path. But we always forget that this only leaves everyone else questioning what they want and why their paths are not as crystal clear as you are making yours out to be.

A picture used to be purposeful to capture the moment, but the moments we are selling to our audiences are a consistent web of lies, in order for our internet pages to show the most profusion of joy, love, smiles and laughter, excluding the tears, tantrums, arguments with loved ones for the fifth time that day before you take the smiley photo captioned, “my absolute world and best friend, love you”.


Our generation are losing sight of knowledge and instead focusing on likes and shares of their latest picture, and where everyone is stating they are an individual and proud of being different, we are all trying to flog promotional brands of teeth whitening kits, hair supplements and the newest bikini range.


Who run the world? GIRLS

Rose Mcgowan’s Instagram feed
( a notorious advocate of feminist rights)

It feels as though woman are quite literally about to rule the world and castrate every man, with the every day consistent posts on how we are in full control of our lives which is great and such an incredible movement to be apart of, but for the most of us, the definition between praising upon our gender and embracing it, is becoming easily over-lapped with shaming men, which creates a contradicting mindset as, the feminist activity and organisation was implemented in order to create equality towards both sexes and entitle us to both be treated with the same mutual respect and appreciation, this was to prove that, regardless of our alternative bodily functions we still both possessed the equal ability in every field of work and living, yet now, it only seems that we are stereotyping all men and placing them in categories which are providing the wrong message for younger women who follow our words of anger and “wisdom” that we abruptly throw onto men in order to belittle them.

Every other post on my Instagram feed is yet another “Boss babe” who is hoping to retire by 30 whilst sipping Pina colada’s watching their internet page of business go up and up.

If they are starting from the beginning of a business and creating their own from the very start of thoughts and dreams, good on you, but what a lot don’t realise is just how full whack the efforts are to succeed that, with all the blood, sweat and tears you have to go through to elevate it off the ground, purely because we are the leading generation of pure impatience, we want to make money, a lot of it, quickly and easily, just as easy as the ability to grab the wifi Code from our local coffee shop.
Others that go into a pyramid cycle of trying to promote a brand they actually will never know a lot about, are only set back from their one year goal of getting to the top level and retiring after that, because the people above them sold it with too much enthusiasm and brain washing that you felt anything was possible, and implement that giving up just isn’t an option. (trust me, I’ve been there myself so I can preach this point).

In regards to visual obsession with what is defined as beautiful and what we all dedicate our time to liking, I did a little experiment with two pictures I put up on my Instagram recently, both the same hour of the day and with only a day between one another, but both conveying very diverse gestures to the people who look at my page.

Sex is the biggest seller apparently

The First One
The need for validation through attracting attention on a sexual level has increased on a huge scale by the full influence social media has on the belief system of what other peoples’ lives look like and also what other people genuinely look like.
We have way over 10000 faces of Kylie Jenner in the world with how easy it is to get lip fillers, lash extensions, personal trainers, weaves and waist trainers, not to mention with the unfortunately small scale towards what is visually depicted as “beautiful” or “Sexy” these days, encouraging us to all group to the same big lipped, big breasted, huge butt vision.


The Second

Only two likes in comparison to 65?


A picture of me learning to play the guitar by a singer who was on stage at a hostel in Auckland, learning to play a few chords is something I have recently wanted ticked off from my life list.
Attempting to deliver a positive and encouraging message that I had a goal I set and I wanted it achieved, and I did just that.
The contrast in attention it got with them both just goes to show what my age group of individuals are looking for in life and where the attraction lies in order to get likes.
The more frustrating thing about living in the generation, is that every single person in this period of life, has an opinion and will give it to you regardless of you asking or not. I am included in this and I hate that I do it to others, but we just can’t help ourselves, we read things, follow people and listen to podcasts that tell us things others just HAVE to know, and even though an opinion is 9 times out of 10 manifested by the fact we have heard someone in fame exclaim it as theirs, we then have an opinion that doesn’t define us as an intellectual wolf, instead enlightens the sheepish ways of how we follow the voices of others.


People who have come out of uni and have luckily stumbled into a good and stable job, are now struggling with the suffocation of that job as they have finally achieved the impossible but, now they face the fear of losing that lifestyle the job helps promote for themselves, unless they remain on the money that is coming in, and even so, if they have become lucky enough to make it onto the property ladder with this great job, their wages are cut dramatically every month as they try to get by on the small remanence of money left over after, the tax is adducted and bills have been swiped clean, equalling to be almost as small as the few pounds they have left to actually live socially off.

Interesting article with valid statistics 


Then you get the travelling people, the “gap year” and the actual avid travellers, two opposing people so please do not get them confused, it’s an insult to us all.

Gap year goers who just want an extended holiday and to get drunk in a bar with Justin Bieber playing and to declare their happiness for the fact that beers are only £1.80, whilst being able to say they have sat on a Thailand beach which, unfortunately due to this small section of people has corroded the beauty of certain places like Thailand as it now appears to be a cheaper “Magaluf” scene stripped from culture.


Images found on google search with the search engine of “Pissed brits in Thailand”

So that leaves the avid traveller, someone who really has no idea what they want in life but just feels an abundant lust towards being and seeing as many places as possible and doing as many new things are possible.
We know that by staying in the life we are fixated to, we will never complete a life of happiness, as the thirst for a new destination grows viciously larger every day.
AKA society’s “dirty travelling hippie”.
We live in cars and hitch hike the roads that are an unclear destination, we speak to random people and we share and thrive off new experiences and cultural ways of thinking. Society has us marked down as people who are “running away from the real world”, but what exactly is this real world we are supposed to live in?


 ( Picture taken from Sarcasm_only on Instagram )

A 9-5 job which has been successfully achieved after sweat, stress and a huge build-up of depression and anxiety as we grunt and grieve our way through 3-7 years of Uni to exit it.

Feeling uplifted and ready to take on the new chapter from what was a futuristic epiphany to realisation, but we are left with nothing but sudden shock, finding there aren’t enough jobs in our field, or we have to start at the bottom even though our course and the curriculum has enriched are minds to be able to head straight into the level of which we qualified. On top of that, we are supposed to be able to save a huge lump sum monthly in order to sit for a few years in a savings fund for a house, which realistically, is near to impossible to pay out right for these days, but our society starts to turn frowns towards you still living at home over the brink of 25 onwards.
If that’s your real life picture, it isn’t a pretty one for me so perhaps I am running away, from everything I don’t want to fall into the mundane pattern of becoming a settled life just because we are all pushed to believe that’s the only significantly acceptable way of living.
I would much prefer to dip and dive in-between working jobs which are easy going and seen as a stepping stone platform and in your eyes not classified as a “career” whilst being able to up and leave, moving onto new countries, new opportunities, new people and always inviting new ways of living, than break my back any further working in an area that I already have thoughts of questioning and doubt towards and unsure whether or not it delivers me complete happiness or is what I want to become such a huge factor of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, the list of courses and avenues I want to accomplish and venture down are endless, but that’s exactly it for me, I have no idea what I want to do next, but every time I drift out of my comfort zone with travelling and energising my drive to fulfil my days with adventure and wanderlust, the more it allows opportunity for me to be able to unlock what I truly want to do, plus, I’d much prefer taking the time with the money I have to travel and think about what I want than settle in a country I’m not happy in, with a life that isn’t going anywhere, because other people think that is right for me due to currently not having a focus on a career path just yet.

So, that is my opinion and my rant for the 2018 mentality I have, take it or leave it, I expect to have some disturbance to my thoughts with people who disagree, it isn’t intended to cause arguments or to shame.
Like I have said before, everyone’s vision of success is completely different and that is absolutely okay, my life may not be a fit for you as yours may not be for me, and what we are both leading with should only matter to us as it’s what we want to do.
That’s why life is so beautiful, we were born to all choose our own paths to fight for and believe in, I just hope you are making yours the truthful one you want to remember.





2 thoughts on “A millennial girl living in a millennial world.

  1. Life is definitely a catch-22 as a millennial. Follow your dreams, but not those, be yourself, but maybe not just now.

    This was a really great post. Loved the social experiment you conducted. Thanks for sharing!


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