Home is where the heart is.

Embarking on a new adventure with what is now my whole life for the next year, packed into two bags, spread across the seats of a rental car.
2018 come at me!

1970-01-01 18.51.56

Day 13 – New Zealand so far

I have never ventured to somewhere which holds so much of their heart in the palm of their hands proudly and self assertively.

New Zealanders themselves are nothing but an abundance of love and devotion to the people both living in their country and us outsiders invading the winding, long stretched roads with our huge campervans and sleeping in the outback gardens, sprawled across their forever luscious green land.

They open their arms and give you a big bear hug welcome in and want to make sure you see all the beauty of their country, whilst remaining candid and chilled out as well as humble.

1970-01-01 17.46.22

When I landed in Auckland I fell in-love instantly.

My heart missed a beat, potentially due to a near over-dose of double shot coffee’s and gin and tonics on the overall 25 hour flight, but regardless of what it was about the country, strangely, I felt I was home.
Perhaps I have lived here before in a previous life, as it filled me with nothing but comfort and satisfaction through to my very core to be on this ground.

Even to the point of driving the roads and taking the high ways, in England I have only driven on the motorway perhaps twice? And I have always been a bag of nerves, but in contrary here, I feel relaxed and so content with every day’s new unknown, undiscovered destination.


The best way, I’ve found to travel around is by driving

And, with being English it’s easy to get around as the laws are exactly the same on the road ( so please ignore my need to film things whilst driving, naughty I know ) and the car drives the same side… perfection! You can choose what days you do things, if you want to go you’re in control of heading off to the next desitination and you get so much more done in the time you have allowed yourself to drive around.

1970-01-01 15.19.30

I absolutely adore having my car rental (Pamela) and we began from the start embarking on a huge journey from the North Island of Auckland further north

Scaling the east coast  through to the centre and all the way down to south together, as long as I fed her to the brim with petrol and didn’t go too fast around the copious, severe bends in the roads, she was kind to me.
She took all the weight of my rucksack and backpack which had become my life for the year or so and the numerous amounts of baggage she needed in order for me to call her my home, and not forgetting how well she has dealt with the extreme untidiness of my ways of living and all the rubbish that has been shifted from seat to seat when I didn’t think about finding a bin.

To begin with, it was a bit of a faff

Getting everything out every evening and then putting down the beds, then the plaques, then the bedding then cramming in little water bottles and my wash bag and the gas canister that didn’t fit in the front due to my over packed luggage, but, the more I went through this little routine the more it went from a chore to a satisfied accomplishment, this was me, technically homeless, in New Zealand living in a car with money that had a deadline of expectancy, but the feeling of happiness I got from this experience was utterly priceless.

I love driving here so much, there is a huge sensation of freedom delivered straight to my heart every-day, I don’t think I have ever loved driving as much as I do out here.
The roads are windy as hell, and would suddenly have a loose rubble topping creating a uneven surface that, technically, I am not allowed to drive the rental car on as I didn’t take out insurance for it, but I was quickly finding it somewhat impossible to not have to use a loose gravel road as they inter twined with one another in order to get through to the end road.

With everything I did with the car, I felt nothing but positive with my capability to just get on with it.

I always created this visage that I was somewhat incapable or irresponsible, most probably stemmed from a point in my life where I had been a little out of control of my life and for the people around me it, I presume it became the normality for them to think I couldn’t do a lot of things.

I think a lot of people wouldn’t have ever expected me to be able to drive myself around the whole of New Zealand in a car, on my own, work a gas cooker, figure out campsite accommodation 5 minutes from having arrived in the village I wanted to be in , find hot spots, hitch hike, pick up a hitch hiker, and money manage all at the same time as making new friends and allowing time to myself to re charge my soul with copious evenings alone figuring stuff out…But I did, and I’m in love with every second of it and have so much to think of now, so many new challenges and prospects for me to complete and master.

Let’s hit the road Pam.


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