My New Zealand Summary

So…. what make’s it so great?

I’ve been pondering with what the specific thing about New Zealand is that makes it captivate the hearts of so many. With a few weeks taking in all it’s glory, I’ve decided that, besides the obvious bountiful, scenic views and exquisite landscapes, it’s the whole compilation of having so many distinct elements all in one juxtaposition, and through all of this, there is still so much space.

You have the water, whether it be the lake or sea that snakes around the land, looping in and out of the inherently jagged bays. The rock formations that start from the lowest points becoming the mountains that loop in-between the valleys and hills playfully, all trying to achieve the highest of heights.


Views can be stunning and there are so many I’ve seen before all over the world that have left me feeling well and truly flabbergasted

The perfection of some of them have filled me with so much serenity…but, after you’ve walked away from the hot spot, that view starts to become this small selected area of what felt at the time, like the largest, captivated segment of the world.
Whereas, with New Zealand’s views, the spanning miles which embrace uncontained length and width are like nothing else I have ever witnessed before.

Every corner I turn captures and evokes a new level of intensity to experiencing the never-ending abundance of freedom.


It makes you realise just how small you are as a person and how small your worries are, look at New Zealand on the world map, its tiny, essentially on equivalence with England, yet the room to move within the country is so favourably scaled, it makes you feel like you are able to travel for months on end.

It may be small, but its heart and passion for keeping it naturally preserved makes it an astoundingly, picturesque phenomenon that is larger than large.

The more you travel around and the more New Zealander’s you connect with, the more your heart grows fonder for the urge to stay in such a spectacle of a place.

People said to me before I came here that New Zealand is like an old version of England, only main difference is it dates back to what England would have been like roughly 100 years ago, in some aspects this is very correct, but the more I’ve seen and explored of the country, the more New Zealand can’t be compared to anything of similarity.

Every place is a new adventure with a new little pocketed ambiance of soul and fresh culture. No two places consist of the same endorsed vibe, resulting in your experiences with the country forever changing.


The conflicting fact is that, it is so segregated from the world and their ways of being are so isolated from the fact they have shied away from building too much, yet as a whole everywhere oozes an ambiance of pride and kindness, you feel it when you walk past a kiwi, you see it on their soft featured faces which complement their presence in living.
…I’m choosing to ignore the woman that stuck her middle finger up at me when I was driving over the one-way bridge, which I was already half way over when she rocked up the other side and had to wait for 2 seconds even though it was her right of way… she wasn’t a kiwi in my eyes.

But even so, there will always be the knob heads in whatever country, it’s an inevitable fact, this one just holds more pearls than empty shells.

New Zealand, you have my heart well and truly, don’t go changing. 


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