Essence of time


“There is nothing fair about farewells, there is nothing good about goodbyes, that’s why we say, see ya.”  

-Swedish Proverb


When I was back home and saw people who were travelling pop up on my face-book all the time, commenting and liking pictures of people back home.
I used to always think “they can’t be having much fun at all if all they are doing is keeping active on social media, what are they trying to prove?”.

But, the more duration I spend away from home, the more I am grasping that it’s completely the opposite to the latter.

Since being away, a lot of things filter into perspective of what you have in your life, one main thing in particular is the people in your life.


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You start to become vastly aware with who you want to keep in your life and who you could do without, you peacefully accept who gives you their time and who you want to feed more of your time too.

Seeing posts on social media of the people that I love back home makes me so happy. It’s a reminder that they are living a wonderful life too, and I need to make sure I stay a part of it as much as they are with mine.
You find yourself commenting and liking on their pictures or timelines not because you are bored, or lonely, or ignoring the blissful world you are living in, but in more of a matter of reassurance.
It’s the only way to assure the people you up and left behind that you care and love them and that they are as rightfully in your mind as you equally are in theirs.

When travelling, you suddenly develop one thing that we all dream to possess more of, time.


Time to wander and be lost in the middle of a city or the middle of nowhere, time to stand still or sit still. Time to dawdle and roam around aimlessly but with all intentions to see things. Time to smile at a never-ending sunset, as the warmth of it gradually drifts across your cheeks, notifying that the time of the day is moving forwards.

Time is something so precious, yet something that we hold so little of in our modern-day life.

In evaluation to this, there are so many people in my life that I never had time for when I was back home, just due to being so busy within the system of life, which now, I really want to make sure I keep because they mean the world to me, so I am extremely grateful for the time I have had to think about this and seize it as an opportunity to re-connect and re-discover.

That’s why I will comment or send you a message, because I want you to know that regardless of where I am in the world, I will care and I will have room for you in my life, always.

Saying this, it is equally as healthy to be able to have a break from relationships, even from your best friends and family members. It’s a test with time to see how you all work when miles are put between you, and I believe it truly strengthens for the people who matter the most to you.

Lagom- not too much not too little
The Swedish proverb for – the perfect balance.


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